She Said YES…Who Wouldnt After This Proposal – NC Aquarium Touch Tank- Best Way To Propose Ever!!!

Months and months of planning went into this proposal. Many phone calls with the NC Aquarium, they were the best and treated us very well. On the day I was going to propose, I had gotten my family and her family to get days off work and all of us were going to the aquarium. Janine was so mad at me because I rushed everyone down there and its a 3 hour drive so she was mad at me for a long drive. lol. But then we got there and my parents went ahead got the ring with the shell to the guy at the touch tank and then we just walked through the aquarium heading to the touch tank. The rest you see above.

I just proposed to Janine and the answer was YES!!! what a great day! she has made me the happiest man. At the Fort Fisher Aquarium at Kure Beach, NC

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